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Vasse Felix

Vasse Felix Heytesbury Cabernet Blend 1.5L Magnum 2002


  • Product details

    A museum release Magnum of a Vasse Felix barrel selection all wrapped up for Christmas.

  • Tasting notes
    Vasse Felix Heytesbury Cabernet Blend is classic in style. This barrel selection of the best Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Petit Verdot from the vintage takes Heytesbury to a whole new level and showcases why Vasse Felix is a legend of Margaret River winemaking.
  • Delivery
  • Larger format Wine, ideal for celebrations or a gift
  • A legend of Margaret River winemaking
  • Shipped in a strong Magnum shipper, ideal for shipping gifts


All orders get dispatched from our Sydney warehouse. For standard delivery times across Australia, please visit our Delivery Information page.

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