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Savvy Sauvignon Blanc Sisters

  • Product details

    Summer celebrations and festive fare will only be enhnaced with these mouthwateringly more-ish Sauvignon Blancs. It is as simple as that.

  • Tasting notes

    Isabel Estate Sauvignon Blanc hails from old estate vines. Lush tropical aromatics, a refreshing minerality and creamy textured finish, this wine is drinking beautifully now but will develops intriguing characters with age - if you can wait that long.

    Bird in Hand Sauvignon Blanc is a vegan friendly, drink now, fresh and delicate white. Its all about lifted, fresh and punchy flavours and aromas, underpinned with passionfruit, fresh green apple, grapefruit and faint snow pea. Slightly textured, it has a dry finish, with subtle citrus acidity.

  • Isabel Estate Sauvignon Blanc
  • Bird in Hand Sauvignon Blanc
  • Magic Tricks: Deck of cards with a QR code - Scan to learn 3 magic tricks with Jackson Aces, Master in the Art of Illusion & Magic
  • Bespoke letter and necktags written by Master of Wine Andrew Caillard


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