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Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut NV 1.5L Magnum


  • Product details
    Dominated by the elegance and finesse of the Chardonnay with a delicate Pinot Noir structure and Pinot Meunier harmony and roundness, "Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Cuvée is the perfect introduction to the House style." Hervé Deschamps, Cellar Master
  • Tasting notes
    Silvery gold in the glass, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is a vibrant, stylish cuvée characterised by delicate floral aromas, rounded out by fresh fruit and hints of buttery brioche and vanilla. Though crisp and light, it combines freshness with a lingeringly rich, generous finish, preserving its distinctive balance and harmony to the very end.
  • Delivery
  • A Magnum of exceptional Champagne from the House of Perrier-Jouët
  • Perfect balance of fine bubbles and acidity
  • A celebratory centerpiece or enchanting gift


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