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Party Starter Champagne Selection

  • Product details

    Be seduced by this terrific twin pack of two fabulous Champagnes from Moet & Chandon and Nicolas Feuillatte.

  • Tasting notes

    The ever-popular Moët & Chandon NV is a richer style of Champagne that is best drunk immediately, but can age over 2-3 years on cork to enhance mushroom and savoury aged characters. Serve chilled with oysters or salmon.

    Nicolas Feuillatte Selection Brut is a rich and exotic Champagne that begs to be drunk immediately whilst fresh and approachable. Serve chilled 7- 8°C with scallops or grilled tuna steaks.

  • Moet & Chandon Brut NV
  • Nicolas Feuillatte Selection Brut Champagne
  • Fluffe Fairy Floss
  • Bespoke necktags written by Masters of Wine Andrew Caillard and Annette Lacey
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