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Oakridge Yarra Valley Vignette Hamper

  • Tasting notes

    Oakridge Willowlake Chardonnay: Pale straw with green hues. Grilled citrus, yeast, white fleshed stone fruit, peach skin, flecks of flint, hints of florals and burnt match complexity. The palate has depth, weight and texture. It crashes across like a wave leaving a sense on generosity and concentration but without losing its shape as the taught preserved-lemon acidity keeps it on line leaving a tangy, very long grapefruit finish.

    Oakridge Willowlake Pinot Noir: Fragrant and spicy with freshly picked strawberries and red currant fruits, hints of forest floor and sweet spice. Whole bunch notes just hover in the background. The palate is soft and juicy, vibrant and fresh with delicate silky tannins and a fine line of acidity holding it all in place. The red fruits and rose water cascade through the mouth interwoven and balanced. Fresh finishing and lip smacking. Devine!

  • Oakridge Willowlake Chardonnay
  • Oakridge Willowlake Pinot Noir
  • Robert Gordon Portrait Collection Taper Jug 1.2L White
  • Bonnie and Neil Tea Towel


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