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Grosset Springvale Magnum 1.5lt Riesling 2019

Only 2 left
  • Tasting notes
    "...perfumed talc characters, musk and finer lime notes and a touch more weight and generosity in the palate at this early stage than the Polish Hill, go for this now. All that chalky, minerally feel remains delicate and finessed in the finish too. Fabulous." 96 points - Tony Love, The Advertiser’s Great SA Drinks Guide
  • Delivery
  • Magnum of one of Australia's best Riesling wines
  • From an ACO-certified organic vineyard
  • Highly sought-after gift with limited stock
  • Shipped in a strong Magnum shipper, ideal for shipping gifts


All orders get dispatched from our Sydney warehouse. For standard delivery times across Australia, please visit our Delivery Information page.

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