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The Grand Dames of Grenache

  • Product details

    Truly in a class of their own are three very special grand dames of the Grenache world – dressed and ready for every special occasion.

  • Tasting notes

    The magnificent medium-bodied OX HARDY Blewitt Springs Grenache 2020 is a subtly perfumed red with plum and spice aromatics. Sour cherry flavours star on the fine and dry palate with good tannins and crunchy acidity. It’s beautiful now but can be enjoyed for several years to come.

    Cirillo The Vincent Grenache opens with rich fruit and white pepper aromatics. The palate is generous and delicately rounded with a lingering finish. A wine that can be enjoyed now, or well into the future and is a stunning showcase of the fruit from the two 100+ year-old Barossa Valley vineyards that it hails from.

    An Approach to Relaxation Magnolia Vine Vale Grenache does just that. It delivers the perfect drop for a relaxing occasion. Beautiful blood orange zest and peonies dazzle on the nose with the palate showing cherries and bitter fruit sweetness.

  • OX HARDY Blewitt Springs Grenache 2020
  • CIRILLO The Vincent Grenache, Barossa Valley 2020
  • AN APPROACH TO RELAXATION Magnolia Grenache, 2019
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  • Bespoke letter and necktags written by Master of Wine Andrew Caillard


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