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Glen Grant Arboralis Single Malt Hamper

  • Product details
    Arboralis is an unmistakable tribute to the legendary Glen Grant flavour profile. This special Hamper is ideal for Whisky connoisseurs boasting the Glen Grant’s newest single malt Scotch with hip flask and tumblers, making an ideal travel companion or vessel to enjoy your favourite drop at a party, picnic or BBQ.
  • Tasting notes

    Arboralis delivers notes of creamy toffee and ripe pears, finishing with a long, satisfying hint of delicate spice.

    Aroma: Floral/fruity, dried raisins, honeysuckle, lemon citrus.

    Taste: Oak, butterscotch, dried fruits, and light spice.

    Finish: Long with malty vanilla, pear, and hints of citrus.

  • The Glen Grant Arboralis Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL
  • Genuine Leather Black & Brass Hip Flask
  • 2 x Black and Brass Whisky Glasses
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