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Entertaining Essentials

  • Product details

    This trio scream entertainment and deliver your aperitif, dessert and digestif in one perfect package.

  • Tasting notes

    Riddoch Elgin's Crossing Sparkling Shiraz NV is a magic accompaniment to your lunch or dinner boasting bold Coonawarra Shiraz flavours of black cherries and plums with a fine bead delivering the perfect amount of sparkle.

    The benchmark of Australian ‘Botrytis’ dessert winemaking, De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon is presented in this half size bottle for occasions where a drop of its medley of botrytis fruit flavours, citrus, stonefruit and butterscotch is warranted with dessert.

    A blend of the Douro varieties, the fresh and floral Graham's Natura Organic Port NV is a rich, smooth, sweet and fruity Port with hints of spice that make it a must-have for finishing any meal.

  • Riddoch Elgins Crossing Sparkling Shiraz NV
  • De Bortoli Noble one half Bottle
  • Grahams Natura Organic Port NV
  • Magic Tricks: Deck of cards with a QR code - Scan to learn 3 magic tricks with Jackson Aces, Master in the Art of Illusion & Magic
  • Bespoke letter and necktags written by Master of Wine Andrew Caillard


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