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Standard Delivery

Our standard delivery is a regular shipping service that does not include shipping overnight at expensive rates, or any other special provisions to deliver products fast. We now offer contactless standard delivery.

Our contactless standard delivery with Australia Post comes with a reasonable shipping time and full tracking so that you and us, both can see when the package has been delivered. It is a cost-effective delivery option.

With COVID restrictions easing, our delivery services are returning back to standard estimated times, however, should borders close between states or an outbreak occur in an area, delivery delays may be experienced.

Standard Delivery Timeframes

All orders get dispatched from our Sydney warehouse. Our standard delivery times vary depending on the delivery area. The below delivery timeframes apply once your order has been handed over to the carrier for delivery.

Delivery State Most Arrive Within Some Items May Take
New South Wales 3 business days 5 business days
Australian Capital Territory 2 business days 5 business days
Queensland 3 business days 6 business days
Victoria 4 business days 7 business days
South Australia 5 business days 7 business days
Western Australia 8 business days 11 business days
Tasmania 5 business days 8 business days

NSW Delivery Regulations

If the recipient looks under 25 years old, drivers will request photo identification. Delivery of alcohol cannot be to a public place, alcohol free zone, prohibited or restricted area and not between the hours of midnight (or 11pm on Sundays) and 9am. Please view our Liquor Licence page for more information.

Outside New South Wales

Wine, champagne and spirits are available for delivery to most addresses with Australia Post. Photo ID may be requested according to our Liquor Licence policy. 

Dry Zones & Northern Territory

Dan's Gifting Hub does not ship goods to declared Dry Zone postcodes or the Northern Territory. If a gift cannot be received, there is an option to Donate 100% of the Value of the gift to our partner charity Givit.

Delivery Notifications

Delivery updates will be provided throughout the delivery process to the recipient via Email and SMS. The recipient will receive updates via email: 

  • When the delivery is dispatched from our warehouse
  • When the order has been marked as onboard for delivery
  • When the order has been delivered

Multi Recipient Shipping

Fill in your recipient’s name and contact details individually or through a simple bulk order form. Each recipient will then be notified to choose their preferred delivery location. Note, there is a $9.90 delivery charge per location.

Last updated 15/06/2022