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Dazzling Dr Edge Duo

  • Product details

    Experience the pure Chardonnay and Pinot class of the über cool tassie winemaker Dr. Edge.

  • Tasting notes

    The powerful, limited release Dr. Edge Chardonnay will reward lovers of aged Chardonnay with a few years in the cellar. Right now, the zesty palate boasts lemon rind, white peaches and other citrus but keep if you can for the ultimate Tassie Chardonnay showcase.

    Dr. Edge Pinot Noir is a classy Tasmanian wine with spice, cherries, nuts and charcuterie. It’s a great drop now or will certainly keep for a special occasion. It’s a small batch release, so don't wait.

  • DR EDGE Chardonnay, Tasmania 2019
  • DR EDGE Pinot Noir, Tasmania 2019
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  • Bespoke letter and necktags written by Master of Wine Andrew Caillard


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