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Darroze Grand Bas Armagnac 30 Year Old 700ml

  • Product details

    This mature 30-year-old Armagnac from the world-renowned Darroze 'Grands Assemblages' collection is an exceptional gift with a magnificent personality to match its recipient.

  • Tasting notes
    Maturity shines in the Darroze Grand Bas Armagnac 30-Year-Old where fresh fruit is transformed into dried and candied fruit, the spicy character asserts itself and the first aromas of rancio appear. This Grand Assemblage is the perfect example of magnificent balance in an eaux-de-vie of this age.
  • Incredibly complex Armagnac
  • From the world-renowned Darroze 'Grands Assemblages' collectio
  • Exceptional gift with a magnificent personality


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