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Vina Real Reserva Especial Rioja 1975


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  • Product details

    Vina Real is a discrete property owned by CVNE (aka Cune). In the years from 1950 through 1975, the VR Gran Reserva was most likely Spain's greatest red wine. Great vintages from that era may be the best old red wines of their age to be found anywhere in the world. The fill level and cork quality of these wines is literally off the charts. Have high expectations, and don't be scared of air, time and the decanter.

  • Tasting notes
    Blending Tempranillo from the north and Garnacha from the south, there's mountain air, deep earth, Tempranillo richness and velvety tannin and Garnacha's spice, acidity and delicacy. Phenomenal wines! 1975 is very, very good.
  • Delivery
  • One of the best old red wines of this age
  • The fill level and cork quality is off the charts
  • 1975 is very, very good


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