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Compania Vinicola Norte Espana Contino Reserva Rioja 1995

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    Contino is a discrete single estate situated in an oxbow loop of the River Ebro, just a few km north-west out of the capital, Logroño. Owned by the Madrazo family, the production of the estate is co-capitalised by CUNE. A warmish exposure in deep gravelly sands, and a touch of clay, this is a super-high-quality warm site and has made stunning wine for more than 3 decades. In order to keep the wines fresh and energetic as well as beautifully ripe and earthy, there's quite a bit of Garnacha and Mazuelo planted in field blends and in discrete coupes, so that they can blend to balance fruit, earth and acidity every year depending on how atlantic or continental the vintage was. Have very high expectations here, 1995 is a genuine A-grade year, and supremely elegant.

  • 1995 is a genuine A-grade year
  • Supremely elegant
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