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Making the world we live in a better place is at the heart of what we do. And that’s all about giving and thinking about others. This means that your lucky gift recipient can choose to make their gift the one that keeps on giving.

Our partnership with GIVIT allows your recipient to choose to pay it forward by donating the value to make the world a better place for refugees, Indigenous students, victims of domestic violence and people dealing with mental health challenges. Together we can gift some extra joy to those less fortunate and help make their world a better place.


It was 2009 and Juliette Wright, the founder of GIVIT, was surprised at how difficult it was to find someone in genuine need of the high-quality baby clothes she no longer required after having her second child.

She discovered that while many local charities were over-loaded with unwanted or poor-quality goods, they were desperately seeking essential items such as sanitary products for women fleeing domestic violence or steel-capped boots for unemployed fathers securing work.

Juliette knew there had to be a smarter way to give and sat around the kitchen table, discussing ideas with friends.


Juliette saw a need to move away from the concept of donating clothes and household items by ‘getting rid’ of them to charity shops. Instead, how could people’s goodwill and best intentions be channelled towards meeting the exact needs of a charity? Juliette realised this vision would require charities to have a simple way to make potential donors aware of the items that would make the most difference to the lives of those they supported. And so, via an online platform, GIVIT was born (aka Juliette’s third baby!).


Within six months, Juliette had set up a website and recruited 15 charities. A donated bike enabled a single mother to get to work, and a donated microwave helped a recently widowed elderly man, unable to cook for himself. Within weeks, more than 80 charities came on board. Before long, GIVIT connected thousands of Australians with hundreds of charities.

When the devastating floods hit Queensland in 2011, Premier Anna Bligh turned to Juliette for help. GIVIT became the state government’s official website for managing donations during disasters. During the floods, charities were better able to focus their efforts and resources, no longer burdened by mountains of well-meant but unmanageable or poor quality donations. The GIVIT website received 1.8 million hits in 10 days. Within three weeks, more than 33,500 goods were matched with those in need.  

One of the Most Collected Wines in Australia

Penfolds 389 Shiraz Cabernet is considered by most collectors to be a cellar staple. In 2019, Bin 389 was named the second most collected wine in Australia by Wine Ark. 

In addition to being one of the most ageworthy and collectable wine from Australia, Bin 389 is classified as Outstanding by Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine VII. Wine presented in the Outstanding tier are made under the best of Australian winemaking practices, have a vineyard provenance and regional voice.