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Chapel Hill The Parson Shiraz 1.5L Mag Wooden Box

  • Product details

    Gift some special something extra special with the majestic Magnum of Shiraz.

  • Tasting notes
    The full-bodied Chapel Hill The Parson Shiraz features an evocative array of fruits. Aromas of mulberries dusted with exotic Indian spices fill the glass while the luscious palate is brimming with aniseed and Satsuma plums before mouth coating tannins. Enjoy now or up to 2026.
  • Larger format Wine, ideal for celebrations or a gift
  • Features an evocative array of fruits
  • The majestic Magnum of Shiraz


All orders get dispatched from our Sydney warehouse. For standard delivery times across Australia, please visit our Delivery Information page.

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  1. Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas!

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