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Bollinger Rose NV 3L Jeroboam - Timber Gift Box


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  • Product details
    Founded in Ay in 1829, it was the widow of Jacques Bollinger, Madame Elizabeth Bollinger, nicknamed "Madame Jaques" who took charge of Bollinger in the 1940s and steered the brand into the world-renowned label of today. Ever innovating, Bollinger Rose was created as recently as 2008 and is one of the finest non-vintage Rose champagnes on the market, decadent, delectable and comes in a magnificent Jeraboam gift box to make a big statement.
  • Tasting notes
    The sublime Bollinger Rosé Champagne is bursting with red berries, redcurrants, cherries, wild strawberries with a spicy touch. Enjoy this festive drop for any occasion and savour the bubbles as fine as velvet.
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  • *Vintages are subject to change
  • Bollinger Rosé NV is fresh and delicate with intense depth
  • Aromas of red berries, hints of redcurrant, cherry and wild strawberry
  • Decadent, delectable and in a magnificent Jeroboam gift box to delight


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