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Bollinger Rose NV 1.5L Magnum Gift Box


  • Product details
    The first new wine to come from the House of Bollinger for more than 30 years, this dry and intense Rosé Champagne takes its cue from the Special Cuvée blend, combining fruits of previous harvests with cellar reserve wines.
  • Tasting notes
    To the nose : the nobility of red berries: hints of red currant, cherry and wild strawberry A spicy touch, not unlike Special Cuvée. To the palate : a subtle combination of structure, length and vivacity, with a tannic finish due to the adjunction of red wine Bubbles as fine as velvet Flavours of wild berries.
  • Delivery
  • A gift-boxed Magnum of one of the finest non-vintage Rosé Champagnes
  • Touched with just 5% red wine from Poirier Saint-Pierre and Montboeuf
  • A decadent Champagne for special celebrations


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