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At Dan's Gifting Hub we exist to facilitate celebration and joy. From birthdays to Christmas, Mother's Day to Secretary's Day, we want to make it easy for Australians to celebrate the people who make a positive impact on their lives.

Our mission is simple. Make gifting simple. Provide an incredible, curated range of gifts that bring joy to all Australians (over 18, of course!).

Our unique platform makes it easy to gift many in minutes and allows the spreading of infectious joy by sending a video message to your recipients.


As a business that is all about bringing people together, our commitment to corporate social responsibility is embedded in everything we do.

From how we work to who we work with, everything we do is underpinned by our social and environmental values that recognise our impact on the communities in which we operate and our work to make them better. This is an intrinsic commitment for every single stakeholder in our business.


Making the world we live in a better place is at the heart of what we do. And that’s all about giving and thinking about others. This means that your lucky gift recipient can choose to make their gift the one that keeps on giving.

Our partnership with GIVIT allows your recipient to choose to pay it forward by donating the value to make the world a better place for refugees, Indigenous students, victims of domestic violence and people dealing with mental health challenges. Together we can gift some extra joy to those less fortunate and help make their world a better place.


We are committed to making your world a better place – and that goes beyond organising the drinks. Where possible our packaging has minimal impact on the environment with recyclable gift boxes or packaging crafted from recycled or renewable materials. We’re always seeking new ways to regenerate and support the communities in which we operate.


Letting your recipient choose the date and location of their delivery is good for them and good for the planet! By streamlining the delivery logistics with simple communication we reduce time on the road and therefore our emissions. This is gifting doing good.


In the drinks business we are all about people. And this means caring about every aspect of the work we do and every person that’s part of our journey. From our suppliers and stakeholders to staff and business partners, everyone is integral to making our work environment healthy, safe, inclusive and friendly.