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A Gift of Roses and Light Gift Box

  • Product details

    Make Christmas magic with a Champagne, candle and fairy floss gift pack starring Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial.

  • Tasting notes

    Moet & Chandon Brut Rosé NV is an impressive Champagne. It is dry and delicate with strawberry, melon and honeysuckle hint. It is a superb, full-bodied zesty drink for all festive settings.

  • Moet & Chandon Brut Rose NV
  • Moss St. Coconut & Lime Candle
  • Fluffe Fairy Floss
  • Bespoke necktags written by Masters of Wine Andrew Caillard and Annette Lacey


All orders get dispatched from our Sydney warehouse. For standard delivery times across Australia, please visit our Delivery Information page.

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